Weddings | Funerals


Christian marriage is a joyous event that is a sacred rite as well as a civil con­tract and legally binding relationship. At Trinity Parish, we believe that the rite of marriage expresses the love of God for and is open to both opposite sex and same sex couples. The marriage ceremony itself is a public act of worship and is conducted by a priest on the staff of Trinity Parish using the established rites of the Episcopal Church.

We are blessed to have two beautiful historic church buildings that are wonderful for weddings. If you are interested in being married at either of these churches, please contact the rector, Patricia Downing.

Please review the Wedding Guidelines for Trinity Parish for more information.


The loss of a loved one is difficult for a family. Trinity’s clergy and staff are always ready to offer comfort and solace at the time of a member’s death and to work with the family to plan a suitable funeral, memorial service, or burial.

Please call the church office to advise the clergy of your needs. If the church office is closed, leave a message, and you will receive a call as soon as possible.