Mission, Vision, and Principles


The mission of Trinity/Old Swedes Church is to create a welcoming, inclusive, thriving Episcopal parish, dedicated to worshiping and serving Jesus Christ in our two urban settings.


We achieve our mission by providing enriching worship for our diverse congregations, strengthening our relationships within our parish, serving as a beacon of social justice, and nurturing God’s gifts to us and our community.


We do this principally through weekly participation in superb liturgy, music, and preaching that feeds our souls.

We offer quality Christian formation programs for all ages. These programs are designed to increase our individual and corporate capacity and competency to proclaim the Gospel in thought, word, and deed.

We leverage our assets to create space and opportunity for the community both within and outside our walls to engage in the work of the Gospel.

We celebrate our diversity as we learn from one another how to live out our baptismal covenant.

We provide clear communication about worship, programs, and projects that allow easy access to participate in our corporate life.

We accept that the culture and norms of our society are changing, making it more difficult to attend church at traditional Sunday times, and we are experimenting with new ways of being and doing church.