Stewardship & Giving

Sharing God’s Gifts
Stewardship and Giving

At Trinity, we believe that time, talent, and treasure are all parts of the same gift from God. This is our guiding principle when we are asked to help with church or community projects, or use our skills, or pledge our money. We are called to give back part of God’s gift in whatever forms we can. It is not a case of time or talent or treasure. They are all gifts to be offered in gratitude. We value and accept them gratefully in whatever form they are offered. It takes a great deal of all three—time, talent, and treasure—to operate Trinity Parish. There are many ways to get involved by volunteering time and talents. Our committees are always looking for energetic participants. Treasure is shared in kind in ways large and small: goods or services for outreach projects; baked goods to add a home-like feeling to fellowship events; toys and mittens at Christmas for children who need them; or supplies for the youth group to take with them to work camp. Money is needed to fund the operation and ministries of the parish. Being a member of Trinity Parish means having a covenant with the parish. It means being spiritually present and committed to good stewardship. As a practical matter, stewardship includes making an annual pledge so that the vestry can estimate revenue for the coming year to plan programming and budget effectively. This pledge is also our covenant with God, given back to the world in gratitude. We believe that by giving through faith, we are more spiritually engaged in God’s mission. Trinity Parish is a Delaware not-for-profit charitable corporation, with a 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service. You can help support the work that we do with a gift of time, talent, or treasure. For additional information about sharing God’s gifts, please call the church office at (302) 652-8605 or send us an email. 

Flower Donations
Giving Altar FlowersOpportunities to enhance our worship services with flowers are available in 2024. Donations for weekly services at Trinity Church begin at $75. Flowers for the main church and chapel are arranged by a member of the Flower Guild. An honorific such as, “In memory of,” “In honor of,” or “In thanksgiving for,” is placed in the worship bulletin. The occasion can be “shared” with another person, each donating starting at $40. If you would like to provide flowers for a monthly Old Swedes service, the donor is asked to coordinate through the parish office; an honorific is put in the bulletin. Easter and Christmas donations begin with a $35 minimum. The Guild will create arrangements on behalf of all individuals who donate, and a listing of the person or people you wish to be remembered is added to the bulletin. Please contact the parish office as soon as possible if you are interested. Thank you!



Trinity Parish has been very blessed with gifts from those who have gone before us —legacy gifts given for the love of God and to live out our faith in the city of Wilmington. Please consider Trinity’s future with a gift in your will. If you would like to discuss a bequest for the future, please contact the rector, the Reverend Patricia Downing.

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